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Mamata charitable Foundation, pune
Mamata charitable Foundation collect and distribute medicines

Mamata Charitable Foundation is a registered organization with charity commissioner's office (MAH 496/2009 PUNE) as well as registered with income tax department under section 80 G/99/2009-10/4656.

After the Big Bang theory 'Need' become the foremost and one of the main causes behind evolution of human being. It could need to survive, to get food, for shelter, to socialize and the list goes on. Need fuels innovation; as a result, we are here today where we are. But there is always a great divide between needs of certain people which we call ambition, passion, luxury/ materialism, wanting to get more and more and more of what they have or can have and of those people whose basic needs are not even fulfilled. Unfortunately a large section of our society falls under latter part of the category. They may or may not be directly responsible for their situation and well, some of them are just not capable in all ways to have life near basics of humanity.
  Can we make a difference in those lives?
  Can we uplift a moral of poor child who doesn’t even know why it exists?
  Can we make a child learn further who cannot continue because of lack of funds?
  Can we provide clothing to those who lost everything in calamity?
  Can we make a little child in orphanage play with toys like others do?
  Can we feed a poor so that he knows that we care?
  Can we provide in some way that an ailing human gets a proper health treatment?
  Can we list will go on and on…………
Mamata charitable Foundation physically handicapped
It was a small thought which sparked in 2007 with our Founder Chairman Mrs. Jyotitai Sachade for wanting to help needy has become a huge loads of work and happy faces of needy. And we believed "Surely we can and we should". With this passion, came into existence The "MAMATA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION". We sort out different items that we receive and categorize them into different section as per needs of poor.
Donors need to deliver items at Mamata Charitable Foundation.
Donors can contact Mamata Charitable Foundation on 9822542419 or 020-25282748 between 6 am to 10 pm. Now, the people in addition to various materials can also give donations in cash or cheque.

Net Banking Details

A/C NAME: Mamata Charitable Foundation
A/C NO.: 60028676264
IFSC NO.: MAHB0001208
Branch: Bhusari Colony, Paud road, Kothrud,
Pune – 411029.
Maharashtra, India

Donors get tax exemption (50%) under section 80G of income tax (No.Pn/CIT-I/80G/99/2009 10/4656).

Festivals like Diwali, Sankranti, Christmas, Ramzan, Paryushan etc., and occasions like Birthdays, Pitrupaksha and Adhik mahina offer people the perfect opportunity to share and spread a little more charity in the world around us. We accept things like Clothes (Stitched and Unstitched), Toys, Games (Indoor and Outdoor), Books (School, Story, Magazines, Religious, Novels), Utensils, Crockery, Umbrellas, Raincoats, Cycles, Mattresses, Pillows, Bedsheets, Carpets, Curtains, Vehicles (2 Wheeler + 4 Wheeler), Buckets, Water Drum, Television, Fridge, Music System, Geyser, Radio, VCR, VCD, Camera, Watches, Oven, Toaster, Griller, Microwave, Purses, Imitation Jewellery, Computers, Gas Burners, Mixer, Furniture, Cradles, Sewing Machines, Stationary, Food Grains, Jams, Sauces, Cheese, Biscuits, Chocolate, Soaps, Shampoos, Medicines, Medical Aids, Spectacles, Surgical Instruments, Office Furniture & Office Material, audio cassettes and Video CD etc., i.e. anything under roof but in a usable condition. We also accept grocery items.

Why reuse?
Reuse is an old age tradition in India. In a country, so many people live in dire poverty. It is common for people to offer old clothes and other items to poorer people. Yet as we adopt more western ways and shift to a use and throw culture, this tradition is fast disappearing. The principal behind reusing is that more an item can be used, the lesser we need to exploit natural resources hence it is ECO-FRIENDLY. Reuse saves time, money, energy and resources. Reuse offers quality products to people with limited means.
Mamata charitable Foundation Orphanage and old age home
Present Social activities going on at Mamata Charitable Foundation are as under :
  We collect and distribute medicines (Check Expiry) where it is required.
We collect and distribute anything under the roof (provided it is in usable condition, you have enjoyed it and still you want to share with someone else) to those needy people such as orphanages Mahila ashrams, tribal groups, congenital HIV +ve, children's orphanages, old age homes, residential ashrams for mentally retarded, deserted children, doorstep schools and many more organizations working for poor and needy.
  Directly sponsoring education for poor children up to graduation.
  Distributing notebooks and stationery to poor children.
  Providing basic food grains for financially challenged groups.
  A library of books for kids and elders: Books are basic source of knowledge. By providing a facility for poor and under privileged children to read good books with free of cost, our foundation will help them become a better human being.
  Literacy drive for under privileged women: Educating and empowering many poor women in the society like house maids, sweepers, tribals, illiterate women and many more so that they can have some degree of confidence in their lives. They will be taught to read and write language. This is a basic right of any human being.
Future charitable Activities planned to be taken up at Mamata Charitable Foundation free of cost :
  1. Teaching basics of computer education to under privileged children: Computers are a basic need in today's life. Many children in schools or those who do not have access to computers will be taught basics of computers. This surely will benefit their future and boost their confidence to a great extent.
  2. Creche (Day Care Centre) for elderly namely "Aajobanchi Aaramkhurchi": There are many families where husband and wife are working and they have to leave their children in creche or with house maid. But they do not know where to keep their parents in case they need to be looked after or in case they cannot be left alone. Old age home may not suit their requirement.Moreover some children do not want to keep their parents in old age homes because the elderly eople may feel neglected and go into dipression. Dipression is a major cause of many illnesses.

Hence Mamata Charitable foundation is determined to provide a place for old age people where they can be looked after during daytime i.e. creche for elderly namely "Aajobanchi Aaramkhurchi". This will enable all elderly people, both ladies and gents to enjoy their day time happily and cheerfully at Aajobanchi Aaramkhurchi. Even those are welcome who feel lonely at home and want some company. This will be a good option compared to old age homes.

  3. Provision of Ambulance for elders.
  4. Day care centre (Creche) for mentally retarded
  5. Day care centre for physically handicapped
  6. Job for the unemployed women: For unemployed women, we wish to provide complete training of tailoring. After the training session, our foundation provide them job to lead happy life

As the charity work has expanded a lot it is highly impossible to accommodate donated articles in the house as well as more space and funds are required for future charitable activities mentioned. Hence Mamata Charitable foundation is looking desperately for a bigger place for its functioning and Donations.

    (For Donations and Help)
Mamata charitable Foundation Distributing stationery
Mamata charitable Foundation, pune
Mrs. Jyoti Sachade, Chairman - Founder
Flat no: 4, A Type Building,
Dhanlaxmi Park, Opp. P.M.T. Depot,
Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Pune: 411 038. Maharashtra, India.
Mobile : 98225 42419, Phone : 020-25282748
Email : mamatacharitablefoundation@yahoo.in
Website : mamatacharitablefoundation.in
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